York Choi Industrial Limited

York Choi Industrial Limited

Established in 1990, York Choi Industrial Limited (“York Choi”) is a leading manufacturer of air distribution products. Its <<Flying Horse>> brand of products include VAV Box Series, air diffusers, air grilles, light troffers diffusers, air ducts and various types of air conditioning accessories. Headquartered in Hong Kong, York Choi’s team of professional managers have focused tirelessly on product quality, production capacity, customer service, and technological innovation.

Over the last 30 years, <<Flying Horse>> brand of products were widely used in large scale governmental, commercial and residential construction projects in Hong Kong, Macau and China. <<Flying Horse>> line of products has a reputation of high product quality; it satisfies the strict requirements demanded by Hong Kong Government projects (hospitals, clean rooms, government offices etc.) Our factory’s unmatched production capacity is widely credited in the construction industry. As examples, our factory manufactured 4,500 units of VAV boxes for the 2008-2011 New Government Headquarters of the Hong Kong SAR Project and 3,000 units of Fan Powered VAV Box for the 2009-2010 Shanghai International Financial Center Project. In addition, York Choi has experience working with global companies; York Choi was an original equipment manufacturer for Johnson Controls, supplying air distribution products to the HVAC giant. The York Choi team has strict requirements on product quality; <<Flying Horse>> products are tested, certified, and are manufactured according to ANSI/ASHRAE standards.

Currently, environment preservation and energy saving have become a global awareness. With the ability to reduce energy consumption, VAV System will heighten its role in the near future. Therefore, York Choi and our <<Flying Horse>> brand of products are committed to continue to develop new technologies and products to coop with the world-wide trend.


  • March 2011 – York Choi has provided 4,500 VAV units for the construction of the New Government Headquarters of the Hong Kong SAR .
  • February 2011 – York Choi is delighted to announce the completion of the Galaxy Hotel Macau project.
  • September 2010 – York Choi participated in the Shanghai International Financial Center Project by providing 3,000 units of Fan Powered VAV Boxes.