Fan Powered VAV Box


"Flying Horse" Fan Powered VAV Terminal Unit Box can provide performance benefits and increased flexibility for a wide range of HVAC applications. Substantial savings in operating costs may be realized through efficient recovery of waste heat, enhanced heating performance and reduced central system HP for fan powered systems. The primary air section and the recirculating fan section operate independent of each other, except that both are under control of the same room thermostat. They are sequenced so that both sections generally do not operate at the same time. The primary air section responds to a demand for cooling, while the recirculating fan section responds to a demanding for heating.



-0.8 or 1.0mm G.I. construction casing, comply DW144

-25mm thick, 48Kg/m3 density fiberglass internal insulation with marglass facing and perforated metal sheet protection for cooling VAV box, sheet metal protection for heating VAV box (Meet BS476 Part 6, 7, UL181)

-Four quadrant center averaging air flow sensor with 12, 16, or 20 sensing points for different box size

-Blade type damper constructed of 2 layers of heavy gauge galvanized steel with peripheral EPDM gasket

-Plated damper shaft is mounted with self-lubricating bearing and groove for position indication

-Pneumatic tubing meet NFPA-90A and UL94V-2

-Completed with 3-speed (High-Mid-Lo) and variable speed switch

-Air filter at return air inlet

-Bottom access panel

-Discharge completed with J2 flange connection

-Full range of accessories available, i.e. multi-outlet attenuator, electric heater box and hot water coil

-Left hand or right hand external DDC control panel



-Pressure independent operation

-Available with electronic or direct digital control

-Suitable for different brand of controller

-Individually adjustable minimum and maximum air volume

-Factory calibrated to job requirement



Series Type

-Re-circulating fan and primary air inlet are in series

-Re-circulating fan interlock with air handling unit

-Mixed primary air and return air discharged by re-circulating fan maintain constant air volume supply

-Air recirculation in the result of comfort


Parallel Type

-Re-circulating fan and primary air inlet are in parallel

-On a further decrease in temperature at minimum primary air, re-circulating fan is energized to supply warm ceiling plenum air

-Variable air volume supply in cooling mode

-Constant air volume supply in heating mode


Products and Accessories for Fan Powred VAV Terminal Unit BOX series

-Electric Heater Box

-Multi-outlet Attenuator

-Hot Water Coil